Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 8

The grass is really taking off now. We have had some warm weather, and I am seeing progress almost every day. Some areas are starting to look like an actual lawn, and these photos show the progress that has been made in just the last couple of weeks. This first photo is a similar view to the first photo in week 5, and the difference is obvious.

Week 7

Week 7 was the best week so far. Some patches are starting to fill in, as you can see in the photos.

I am still watering most days, and keeping on top of the weeds.

Week 6

Definite progress in week 6, which is starting to show up in the photos:

Week 5

I have fallen behind in by blog postings, but I have been taking new photos every week.

Week 5 was not much different than week 4. Here a few photos:

The photos don't look to impressive, but I was continuing to see signs of spreading runners.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 4

This is the first week of real visible progress. The runners are spreading exponentially now, and a few areas are starting to show signs of filling in, as shown in this photo:

Here is another close-up:

The weather is starting to warm up, so hopefully this will encourage more growth. I am still watering well, but starting to cut back just a llittle.

Week 3

The plugs have definitely rooted now. I can tug on them at full strength and they do not budge. The runners are continuing to spread and grow. With all the watering, small weeds are starting to be an issue, but I am finding that spending an hour a week pulling weeds keeps them at bay. I don't want to try any weed killer because I don't want to damage the plugs or runners, but with my small yard, my approach seems manageable.

The instructions on caring for the grass say you should start mowing once the plugs are established. I don't feel ready to mow yet, but I have started trimming the plugs with clippers.

Definite progress is being made, but is still not showing up in the high level photo:

This close-up shows the progress of the runners which are continuing to spread and become more grass-like:

Week 2

After two weeks the plugs seem to be rooting fairly well, and the runners continue to attach to the ground. The weather is fairly cool, so I am not expecting to much growth right away. As long as the plugs continue to establish themselves I will be happy.

Once again, the overall view has not changed:

This closeup shows the runners beginning to grow: